Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Some photos from my camera...

Every now and then I fancy doing a lazy picture post, to give you an impression of what I've been up to away from my blog. I spent last weekend at a wedding in Exeter, but sadly didn't take any photos... so that's not featured. The other pictures aren't all that recent, but they were waiting on my camera to be uploaded...

My housemate and I made a strawberry and blueberry meringue gateau.
There's not much left now...

My bro came to visit a few weeks ago
and we took silly photos.


Me and some friends obscuring the beautiful
ceiling of the Royal Naval Hall in London.

No collection of photos would be complete without SHERPY.


  1. Funny how Sherpa's become Sherpy. Just like our (female) Pindar, Martial, and Catullus became Pindy, Marshy, and Tully...of course!

  2. Lovely photos (especially Sherpy).

  3. Sherpa!!! I still refuse to call myself a cat-liker (we will never get to cat-lover) but Sherpa is the definite exception.


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