Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Stellar Stella?

Just a quick update on my previous post, since a few of you were asking in the comments which Stella Gibbons should you read first...  I wrote in my review that I couldn't choose a better novel between Cold Comfort Farm and Westwood because they were so different, but I do think you should Cold Comfort Farm first.  If you only read one Stella Gibbons' novel, it should be that one - because while Westwood is brilliant, there are lots of similar(ish) novels out there, whereas Cold Comfort Farm really is one of a kind.  Plus hilarious novels are pretty rare.  There you go, that's my dictat on starting reading Stella Gibbons....


  1. My mother would suggest you stop reading Gibbons after completing Cold Comfort Farm; interesting to see you enthusing about one of her other novels.

  2. Peter - I think if one is hoping for more of the same, then one would be disappointed - luckily I was warned about this in advance!

  3. If you're only going to read one Gibbons make it Cold Comfort Farm, but if you're going to read a few 'Westwood' is far more typical of her general output but I'd say Nightingale Wood is probably the best starting point...


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