Friday, 18 February 2011


Just thought I'd mention that I've set up a Facebook page for Stuck in a Book - here. Not sure exactly what I'll use it for at the mo, but perhaps something will come to me...

I've also moved things around a bit on the sidebars, mostly because I wanted my links to other blogs to be higher up. Hope you can find the things you need! Also, I've added 'Followers' down on the right-hand side - didn't realise I had so many; thanks guys!

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  1. Showing my age and my technological ignorance, but I'm not proud! What is a follower? Is that a facebook related thing, or do you have a place on here that I've missed seeing where one can sign up to know when you've updated your blog?
    I've resisted facebook like the plague just because I don't get the attraction. But, I'm probably the only person in my generation who somehow failed to see the movie "ET," so now you know that staying out of step is nothing new for me. :)


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