Thursday, 26 April 2007


Sorry to be blogging at unusual times of day, hope I haven't thrown you all - but wanted to add a note to today.

This afternoon, around 3.15, Stuck-in-a-book and Cornflower met each other in the Real World(!) Our paths were crossing (indeed, Cornflower came all the way to Magdalen) and we arranged a very brief 'hello - how - are - you - gosh - you - ARE - real'. It was very, very nice to meet Karen, and always exciting when the blogosphere presents these opportunities.

So, thanks Karen!

P.s. hope I didn't spoil the guessing game on your blog too much...


  1. I'm Alice (Karen's daughter)- sorry for being so uncommunicative! It was very nice to meet you, and Magdalen was lovely. That drawing is great.

  2. Lovely to meet you, Simon, and no you haven't spoiled the game - the clues were pretty pathetic but the best I could do late at night!
    (I'll reveal the reason for our visit later......)


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